Aligned Sales is 90 days of everything you need to powerfully scale your sales: 

Strategies that generate consistent monthly recurring revenue

A model that supports your bigger vision for your business

Mindset shifts to ensure you uplevel into new patterns, where receiving more money isn’t a “nice to have,” it’s a given. 

Energetics to support you in showing up as the fullest expression of yourself to magnetize potential clients.

  • Sell in alignment – with your energy, with your beliefs, with your strengths – and you level up your revenue, magnitise your audience, and create a bigger version of your business.
  • What would your life and business look like if you truly loved selling? 
  • What would it feel like to approach sales in a way where everyone wins? 
  • How would it feel to have the intention you’ve created in your offers reflected in your sales? 
  • To do work you’re truly connected to, and live out your purpose while facilitating a transformation for others?
  • You believe all of that is possible for others. The real question is...

If you’ve ever felt burnt out with all the sales tactics – cold outreach, posting in all the Facebook groups, providing “value” (what does that even mean), using fake urgency or scarcity – I want you to know it’s not your fault. 

You’re not bad at selling. 

You’ve just been told there was only ever one way to sell.

When you’re taking action (under the guise of “sales) that isn’t aligned, 

It’s no wonder you’ll avoid it at all costs.

You find yourself resisting:

  • Showing up consistently – because it already feels like you’re showing up plenty now… and no one is buying. (Although you’re getting plenty of “You’re so inspiring!” comments, replies to your newsletters and promises to join *next* month)

  • Looking at your money and numbers – what if the data proves all of your worst fears? Surely you can make another sale to balance your budget before that happens. (Except that it requires actually selling.) 

  • Knowing you’re worthy of your desires – because it seems like you just attract clients who confirm all of your (limiting) money beliefs. 

  • Actually selling your offers – even just the thought of ‘selling’ leaves you feeling like you need to take a shower to rinse off the imaginary sleaze. Worse, it leaves you second guessing your prices, programs and overall journey. 

  • Confidence in your prices and the powerful offers you’ve created – how many times have you heard someone complaining about the price being too much?


When you’re empowered in the way you sell, you attract empowered clients. Because you show up in your power and speak to theirs in the way you market your offer), they get EXCITED about investing with you – and will want to do so time and time again.


When you show up magnetically in your content and give people something powerful to calibrate to, they can't help but want to buy.


When you know how to create a simple but powerful ascension model with profitable, scalable offers, you’re constantly building recurring monthly revenue. Because that revenue allows you to hit your goals, any additional sales are overflow.

Instead of riding a revenue rollercoaster, you’ll have the confidence to financially forecast and invest in a team to support you.


When selling feels good, you reclaim your time and energy to focus on doing the parts of your business you love, like coaching.



  • Build a sales plan that speaks to your strengths – one you can do consistently, and is malleable to evolve as you do 
  • Create an income stack so you're never starting the month with $0, but instead have monthly recurring revenue you can track consistently
  • Feel confident selling multiple offers at once – because you’re stacking your offers, money is flowing to you from various avenues, which means you’re never relying on just one.
  • Market your offers so powerfully that people know exactly what they’re getting – sales calls become unnecessary. Instead, you’ll just get messages asking for the link to purchase.
  • Redefine – for yourself – what sales gets to feel like. Remember, all of the strategies work, but only the ones that play into your strengths will work for YOU. 

This self-paced program isn’t JUST for coaches or service providers.

It's for anyone who sells services – no matter what level your business is at. 

This is about becoming so magnetic that people can’t help but want to constantly buy from you.


You'll receive modules covering all the essential components to creating a sales strategy that feels like yours. Modules are drip released, so you can fully implement and integrate what you’re learning.

Where other courses will give you lifetime access, with Aligned Sales, you'll only have access for 6 months. 

This deadline is intentional – it's to ensure you're proactively taking action. Too many courses end up in “the course graveyard,” ie, you start them with the best of intentions, but don’t follow through. Not this one.


The kind of long term action required from consistent sales doesn't come from exhausting yourself on the hamster wheel – it comes from being fueled by a unwavering mindset: 

  • Understand the limiting beliefs holding you back from magnetising the clients you desire to work with
  • Release shame from past failed launches
  • Discover exactly what needs to change in your thinking and actions to start attracting sales consistently (without feeling overstretched  or overwhelmed)
  • Raise your mindset to a state of expectancy rather than doubt


Monthly recurring revenue doesn't happen by magic – but once it happens, it allows you to confidently build a team, invest in being supported, and pay yourself consistently:

  • Learn how to stack your offers so ​​​​​​​you’re constantly build your recurring monthly revenue in a way that allows you to hit your monthly goals even if you didn’t make another sale that month
  • Feel confident selling multiple things at once so you can stack your income and diversify your revenue streams
  • Create a profitable ascension model, so there's never a reason why someone can't invest in something you have to offer – and you’re off the “Where’s my next customer?!” acquisition hamster wheel for good. 
  • Sell low-ticket and high-end offers with ease and consistency


When it comes to growing your income, just following strategy isn't enough – it needs to be combined with mindset and energetics work so that strategy is sustainable for the long run: 

  • Track your money and sales so you know exactly where you need to focus to grow your income
  • Remove the resistance about generating sales, so you move your business along much faster
  • Ditch the shame if your numbers aren’t where you’d like them to be so you can objectively plot out your next steps, AKA make quantum leaps.
  • Uplevel your money frequency by upleveling your beliefs around what you GET to have (hint: you're likely unconsciously capping your potential) 


Posting in Facebook groups, offering free content, whatever else you've heard – all the strategies are valid, but ONLY if they play to your strengths and feel good to you:

  • Understand the daily tasks that actually drive sales
  • Discover the daily sales activities of a multi-six figure business, and zero in on the ones that will allow you to work less in your business


When it comes to working smarter, letting your content do the sales work for you is important:

  • Dial up your magnetism in your content so people can’t help but want to buy whatever you’re selling
  • Understand how to create content that attracts people who are ready to buy, versus people in victim or desperation mode – I give you ideas so you’re never unsure of what to say again.
  • Discover how to approach content in a way that eliminates all money objections


Here's the key thing most people don't realise about sales: if you have to convince someone to sign with you, they're not your ideal client. Fortunately, there's a way to ensure it's always a conversation that leaves both parties excited about working together: 

  • Qualify people so you’re only hopping on sales calls with your ideal clients who are ready to go NOW
  • Close sales in your dms: no overcoming objections necessary. Just a “Send me the link to pay!” message
  • How to facilitate empowered sales conversations, so even if someone isn't your ideal client now, they will be in the future


Do you actually dislike selling, or has the BUYING experience left a bad taste in your mouth? In this module, you'll move away from the wounded-pain led buying experience that makes "selling" feel so icky:

  • Learn how to tap into people's desires, so you only attract people who are excited to buy
  • Create a curated experience for your ideal prospect that feels seamless the entire way through


Your ideal client is READY to pay top dollar for your services:

  • Approach bonuses, discounts and urgency from an empowered place that drives sales and expands your clients
  • How to price from power (and not from fear!) – and how to shed insecurity and doubt around doing so


If people don't know they can buy from you – or even know what you offer – your sales are going to stay feeling stuck. To hit your revenue goals, you'll need a visibility plan: 

  • Create aligned strategic partnerships and affiliate relationships that get you in front of dream clients consistently
  • Learn how to have people asking you how to pay (instead of having to follow up and chase people down... or worse, do cold outreach)


After going through all of the individual components, you'll put together a personalized sales plan that leverages what already comes naturally to you: 

  • Discover how to lean into your strengths and energy so sales feel fun
  • Create a schedule of sales activities that are easy to be consistent with
  • Decide – for yourself (I can't and won't tell you how to do this!) – which activities are within your integrity, and which ones are simply not for you


Pay In Full

£1,250 ($1,735)

SAVE £100!


Payment Plan

£450 ($625)



Sales aren’t just something that “other people are good at.” 

An effective sales strategy means leaning into what YOU are good at. 

I know, because I was once in your shoes. 


Then: Long, exhausting sales calls with people who would ghost me.

Now: No sales calls required. I sell multiple five-figure packages through the strength of my content alone. 


Then: Every money objection you could possibly imagine, even for low-ticket offers.

Now: People simply ask me how they can pay, no questions asked.


Then: I would have one great client followed by clients I felt I had to take on simply because they were the people offering to pay me. 

Now: I sell out offers in days – with clients I LOVE working with


You've read all the way down this page, which tells me two things: 

  1. You BELIEVE  it's possible to sell with ease, make sales in the dms, to charge a certain amount for services... but it's just not possible for you. 
  2. You still think this program will just be another strategy overload, in which you'll be told to do all the things you've either done before (ie, post in Facebook groups, give away free value, “teaching” people why they need to invest, etc) or that feel HERCULEAN in effort. 

Here's the truth: when your sales strategy leans into your strengths, the clients you deserve WILL invest in you (and they'll tell everyone how happy they are!). 

When you shift your money mindset, you price from a place of POWER. 

This is what Aligned Sales is all about.