What if you had everything you needed to craft and refine your offers, sell and launch them sustainably, create content that builds your brand and drives your bottom line; alongside the skills required to truly step into the role of CEO and set up your business in a way that allows you to build long-term wealth? 

Welcome to…

The Inner Circle

The comprehensive toolkit to start, grow, and sustainably scale your profitable online coaching or service-provider business.

In order to build a business designed to yield the highest return while living in the intersection of:


You need to know how to
actually run a business, with the necessary skills to think strategically as an entrepreneur. 

Because even if you’re taking all the “right” business actions, if you don’t know how to strategically approach them as an entrepreneur, it leads to situations where…

  •  You’re at such a limit with the marketing-selling-delivering cycle to keep your cash flow stable that you don’t have time to build the infrastructure that could make operations easy.
  • You’re selling multiple offers every month because your mentor or colleagues do, but it feels like you’re on a perpetual hamster wheel, trying to find new clients or constantly “on” in launch mode.
  • In order to hit your desired income months, you’re always hustling – creating packages but dishonouring your boundaries, taking on clients who aren’t ideal and require more hand-holding, which in turn reduces your capacity to serve more people (who are your ideal clients).
  • You’re constantly plugging in and out of your business to avoid burnout, so you can’t get the consistency you desire, much less have the space to consider your next stage of growth. 
  • You know you’re only accomplishing half of what you know you’re capable of, but you feel stuck: there’s no clear path, and as a result, you can’t make a decision that gets you out of feeling stuck and back on track.
But it’s not your skill set that will transform your business into one with monthly recurring revenue and stackable income, an audience that wants to hear from you, and a schedule that actually supports your life. 

It’s your ability to leverage your services beyond the volume of WHAT you do, and into the quality of HOW you do it. 

In essence, the delivery of service is Step 1. 
After all, most of us start our businesses wanting to deliver the service… before we swiftly discover that clients don’t come simply because we’ve created something. There are a lot of people who’ve created powerful products and services that nobody buys.
So what’s required to create a consistent client pipeline?
How do you discern the things that will leverage your time and energy to give you the greatest return – so you have the capacity to think big picture? 
How do you launch offerings in a way that allows you to see the process all the way through – and not launch because you think you should, or because your colleagues do? 
How do you access your truest expression in your marketing so it never feels like you’re performing or trying to convince someone to buy – you’ve created a strategy that feels good to implement? 
How do you move through doubt about following your own path – when everyone in the industry is telling you the “secret” to how they did it? 
What do you actually need to run a profitable, online business? 

A toolkit that effortlessly blends leveraged strategy, deep energetics, and wealth consciousness: 

The SKILLS required to SELL an offer, a LONG-TERM VISION for a business that SUPPORTS A LIFESTYLE, the discernment to know which actions are in alignment with your goals, a business built with a BRAND at the forefront, and the emotional intelligence to navigate all of the natural challenges that come with entrepreneurship. 

What if there was a place that gave you everything you needed right at your fingertips?

A place with multiple programs that went comprehensively into each of the pillars you needed to start, scale, and grow an online business. 
Where you had immediate access to everything all at once, so you could plug into the content that speaks to what you’re navigating in real time. 
A place where you became INFORMED and EMPOWERED around your business, by developing: 
  • Profitable, streamlined offers that allow you to do your best work in a scalable, sustainable way
  • Marketing content that nurtures an audience of people who want to hear and buy from you
  • Sustainable launch strategies in a way that’s energetically correct for YOU
  • Energetic mastery, so you can lead yourself through moments that feel heavy or stretch you
  • The emotional intelligence necessary for navigating the natural challenges that come with entrepreneurship
  • The ability to look at your business numbers and make strategic, informed decisions about your next step and investments 
Sometimes you just need permission to do what feels good and follow your gut, and Naomi’s [Content That Converts] course 100% gave me that. It gave me strategies that didn’t feel like, 'Tiffany trying to show up as Naomi in business', but 'Tiffany showing as Tiffany' in business.
Intuitive Writing Coach and developmental editor

The Inner Circle

All the tools, training, and material you need to step into the seat of the visionary CEO – and build an impactful, profitable business that supports the greater vision of your life. 
With the Inner Circle, you’ll plug into what feels resonate for you in the moment, on your own timeline, and for a fraction of the investment of each program individually.

The Inner Circle is…

Instant Access 
You get access to all programs, all modules, all masterclasses from the moment you join The Inner Circle for 6 months. Everything is available to you all at once, so you can adjust your journey based on what you and your business need.
Put simply: You don’t have time to try to piece together information from a million different programs that only give you a piece of the puzzle (and that you have to buy separately). The Inner Circle goes deep on the pillars of online entrepreneurship while simultaneously trimming the fat, so every single moment of your time is utilized.
An Equal Infusion of Strategy + Energetics + Wealth Consciousness
Most programs either focus on strategy, energetics or wealth consciousness. The Inner Circle programs infuse all three in every single program
Knowing strategy alone isn’t enough, especially if it’s unaligned and energetically incorrect for you. Knowing what’s in alignment without the strategy is just as unsustainable, because you can feel ungrounded when you’re not rooted in anything. 
In The Inner Circle, we marry both. You’ll first understand what feels in alignment with you. From there, you’ll leverage strategies that align with that feeling, clearing blocks as you lean in. 

Alignment → Strategy → Sustainable Growth

Develop the pillars to your sustainable, thriving online business:



Craft and refine irresistible offers that meet your soulmate clients at every stage they’re at, sell and launch them sustainably,  and diversify your revenue streams with an ascension module so you’re creating consistent cash flow, recurring monthly income, and repeat customers


Create magnetic content that builds your brand, grows your audience, and drives your bottom line.


Empower yourself with the depth of emotional intelligence, personal power, and self-leadership needed to navigate stepping fully into entrepreneurship as a CEO.


Learn how to lead your business with a profit-first approach so you can step out of the hourly rate/self-employed model and run a business that helps you stabilize and scale your income, and make empowered decisions with your long-term financial goals in mind.

What’s included in your 6 months of instant access within the Inner Circle: 

9 potent self-paced programs (individually priced at $1888 each):

Over 1000+ soulmate clients served:

Chelsea learned how to manage a business and stay true to her desires and values, all while serving her people.
Tiffany discovered the personal power she needed to run her business the way she craved. 
Buga found strategies that best aligned with her business, and used them to authentically connect with her audience.

The strategies I’ve been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing. Halfway through the year, I’ve already generated what I made last year. I’m continuously inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone – and it’s exactly what I’ve been craving.”

Nicole Cichocki
Founder of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, Grow with Intention client

“The biggest shift for me has been creating the business I’ve desired for years. If I had stayed in overdrive and on the verge of burnout doing exclusively 1:1 work, I have no doubt that I would have closed up shop. 

I also had my most profitable year in business, and was able to give a significant portion of my income to causes dear to my heart in the middle of a global pandemic.”

Simi Botic
Coach, Mastermind client

One of my biggest takeaways was that marketing and signing clients could feel easy and fun. Marketing yourself as a coach is so much about role-modelling and sharing one's personal story in order to embody the transformation they want for themselves. And by marketing myself that way, I would be guaranteed to attract my soul client.”

Imogen Roy
Private Client 

"I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their marketing, sales and mindset aligned with themselves. I have seen several DC scripts but Naomi's training by far is the easiest and feels more aligned."

Aligned Sales client
The Inner Circle is the result of 7 years of experience, and 8 months of editing, refining, and consolidating all of the strategies, personal growth, and energetic work I’ve led myself and countless clients through – all in one space. 
Have an idea for a new offer, but need to discern if it’s in alignment with the lifestyle you’re building for yourself? 
  • Plug into Module 2 of The Offer Incubator to get the information you need. 
You’re working on pricing? 
  • Dive into the 90 minute Energetics of Pricing workshop so you can have your numbers set by the end of the afternoon.
You’re losing momentum halfway through your launch? 
  • Combine the video lessons you need from The Empowered CEO and The Launch Program to self-lead yourself back to operating from your personal power.
Think you’ve already got an investment plan in place, thanks to what you learned inside The Wealth Codes the first time you went through it?
  • The material grows with you, so by stint of evolving as an entrepreneur, you’ll take away something new every single time you revisit the content. 
No more overlapping, generic information, convoluted strategies, intangible energetics, or wasted time because you’re trying to understand someone else’s framework. 
The Inner Circle gives you the tools you need to build your OWN framework, without wasting any of your time with fluff

When you join the Inner Circle, you get instant access to:

9 comprehensive, multi-module self-paced programs ($17,000 value):
  • Grow With Intention
  • Content That Converts
  • Aligned Sales
  • The Launch Program
  •  The Offer Incubator
  • The Empowered CEO
  • Calibrate: The Energetics of Expansion
  • The Money Matrix
15+ masterclasses ($1350 value)
The Wealth Codes ($1888 value)
20+ hrs of integration and recorded coaching sessions ($25,000 value)
= $45,238 worth of tools, programs, and masterclasses.



  • Save $996
  • Pay In Full BONUS: 6 months access to UNCUT, our private audio experience where we take you behind the scenes of what it actually looks like to scale a 7 figure business; raw and unedited. Think short and potent audio trainings, channeled riffs and unfiltered fireside chat-style sessions as Naomi walks you through what she’s learning, implementing and moving through in real time.




Hi, I’m Naomi.

I’m an energetic business coach + wealth activator, and 7 figure mentor.
I’ve led hundreds of women to start, grow and scale 6 & 7-figure businesses in ways that felt most in integrity for them.
I scaled my consulting and content company into a seven-figure coaching and education company, while navigating entrepreneurship, motherhood, and life.
The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop when we hit the 6 figure months, nor does everything suddenly become “easy.” But I’m committed to helping women scale their businesses to 6-figures and beyond while stepping into their most unwavering selves with more ease than they ever could have expected.
I believe that attracting dream clients through attraction marketing and soulful sales go hand-in-hand with an uncomplicated business model that allows you to generate more impact, wealth, and freedom.
After 7 years of experience, 1000+ clients served, and 8 months of intense focus, I’ve channeled it all to bring you my complete body of work inside The Inner Circle.
Here’s how to know if the Inner Circle is right for you:
You’re an ambitious entrepreneur and thought leader that does their best work when they feel impactful and purposeful
You want to streamline your systems and processes as much as possible without wasting time and energy plugging in and out to different programs
You know that to tap into your potency, your business needs to blend strategy, energy, and mindset, and you want to start developing that muscle as early as possible
You’re done with purchasing programs that push more information at you to consume; at this point, you want to leverage your knowledge so that you can transform the way you do business and move in the world
You’re ready to expand your income and impact while stepping into greater depth and mastery in a way that contributes to your own ongoing growth and expansion
While you might desire the intimacy that comes from working with a 1:1 coach, you’re also invested in making sure that your business is set up for the experience – and that you have the tools to hold the energy necessary to make those quantum leaps
Because of you, I’ve stepped into being the CEO of my company. I still have a money date every Friday with my numbers. It’s powerful stuff and what I love most isn’t the profit I now am able to capture, it’s the confidence and the person I’ve become. 
Victoria Larson 

Need some additional answers to make an empowered decision? 

Your investment: 



  • Save $996
  • Pay In Full BONUS: 6 months access to UNCUT, our private audio experience where we take you behind the scenes of what it actually looks like to scale a 7 figure business; raw and unedited. Think short and potent audio trainings, channeled riffs and unfiltered fireside chat-style sessions as Naomi walks you through what she’s learning, implementing and moving through in real time.






Are you thinking and acting in ways that are in alignment with your old self
– or the identity you desire to be?

You have to stake your claim to the CEO you wish to be long before the external “proof” shows up.
How does that person move in the world?
What kind of decisions do they make with regards to their business? To support?
How does that person feel about waiting another six months before acknowledging their desires? What about waiting to take action towards them?
What is the cost of not having every single tool you could possibly need at your disposal, all in one place, and for the most affordable option?

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