Consistent $10K+ months have been your normal for a while. 

You’ve got your sights set on $20K+, but there’s something holding you back from fully committing to following through…

Is it because you think more work or burnout is required? 

Or is it the fear around never having done it before or overwhelm around the “how”? 

Maybe you’ve hit the next level once – but have no idea how to do it consistently

It’s time to rewrite the story about having it all. 

In this version, you’ll take the simplest route to get the highest return, and fall in love with the process of becoming a multi-six figure CEO.

Because even though you’ve worked hard to get where you are – a regular stream of clients, recognition in your space...
Deep down, you know you’re still playing small. 
You also know that getting to the next level is going to require something different.
Like working smarter, instead of doing MORE (even if what that looks like from a practical standpoint is unclear). 
Or only being available for consistent income, instead of one-off “good” months. 
Guess what? 
That something different can feel a whole lot easier than you imagine. 
You want $50K+ months without hustle? 
A client list packed full of ONLY your dream clients? 
What about more time for the things you really care about? 
Plus, scaling being overall simpler because you know exactly which things to streamline to get an exponential ROI? 
Done, done and done. 
With the right support, resources and tools, you’ll even enjoy the process. By working from a place of total alignment, you’ll want to lean in further. 
In doing so, you’ll witness the woman you become by virtue of being on the journey. 
You’re more than capable of expanding into your full potential by yourself. 
I’m simply here to empower you to get there faster.

What would it feel like to…

  • Make MORE money doing less active work (you’re already generating sales; now it’s time to ditch having to be “on” all the time with systems and an infrastructure in place that does the heavy lifting)

  • Trust every decision you make – no second guessing or doubt. Instead, you’ve got the internal and strategic validation you need to follow through on your decisions to reach your goals.

  • No longer avoid looking at the data and hard numbers in your business, because you know exactly what they mean – and how to use them to get where you want to go.

  • Feel supported and held by a tight knit community of women walking this journey with you. No coddling, just holding space and speaking your dreams into existence, even when you can’t quite see those dreams for yourself.

  • Go for bigger financial and impact-driven goals without playing into the mental anguish of taking action, knowing that every time you put yourself out there, it’s an opportunity for education, growth or refinement.

Welcome to...

A curated Voxer mastermind for established coaches and service providers ready to quantum leap their businesses, income and impact without sacrificing their time or energy. In this kind of high-vibe environment, you’ll feel fully supported about having the courage AND the strategy to go for it: 

  • Overflowing income, so there’s always more than enough to save, enjoy, reinvest in your business and give back to the causes you believe in
  • Deep satisfaction from serving MORE people than ever before, while working less
  • Declaring your highest desires, and taking the necessary steps to reach them

All while surrounded by fellow high-level entrepreneurs, holding you accountable to being the best version of yourself and creating the best version of your business.

  • 6-12 months of focusing on strategic, intentional growth: You’re not just calling in consistent $20K+ months. You’re calling in $20K+ months as an energetic minimum, all while doing the inner mindset work required to have maximum impact, because you know you’re more than capable. (In fact, you always have been).
  • One 45min private coaching call with Naomi per quarter
  • Group Zoom calls as and when the group desires them.
  • On demand Voxer support: Whether you’re plugging in for support or not, our group Voxer chat is your home base to get clarity on the energetic shifts to scale your income. Consider our group chat your safe space to discuss challenges, creatively brainstorm with your cohort, and get (lovingly) mirrored on the habits holding back your growth. From celebrations to answers, declarations to accountability, this is your direct line to support during the wobbly moments AND all the CEO wins. Naomi is just a Vox away daily, M-F. 

“The biggest shift for me has been creating the business I’ve desired for years. If I had stayed in overdrive and on the verge of burnout doing exclusively 1:1 work, I have no doubt that I would have closed up shop. 

I also had my most profitable year in business and was able to give a significant portion of my income to causes dear to my heart in the middle of a global pandemic.

What does stepping into your unwavering CEO self look like? 

Raise your rates to reflect your expertise

Shift the structure of your offerings so you can scale with ease while increasing your monthly recurring revenue

◾ Hire a team for support (with clearly defined roles) so you can spend your time doing the things ONLY you can do

Make data-driven decisions that support your next steps forward 

◾ Organize the backend of your business so you have more space to be creative, since your systems do the heavy lifting for you

◾ Create a long-term business plan so you know how to pace yourself, instead of giving into the “get it done NOW” energy of burnout

◾ Make five-figure months your energetic normal so you can focus on the meaningful work – both in your business and your life


Proximity is the container for you if:

You have an established business with an existing service offer.

Proximity is not a mastermind for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. 

You’re making at least $8K per month in your business, consistently.

In order to experience the maximum benefit from your investment, you’ll need to be at a place in your business where implementing the strategies discussed in Proximity make sense. It’s not about income-shaming – this qualifier is in place to protect YOU.

You’re willing to implement new things – mindset, strategy and habits – in your business.

What got you to this stage won’t get you to what you desire. In order to truly show up as a CEO in your business, you’ll need to combine new strategies with a mindset rewiring AND an energetic up-leveling.


“This program was a SIGNIFICANT investment for me, even more so when COVID-19 brought my business to its knees in the middle of the program. When I began to think that it might be too much, that is precisely when the program offered me the critical support that I needed. This is a long-term investment in you that lets you uplevel much more rapidly than if you tried to do so on your own.” 



6 or 12 Month Commitment

6 or 12 payments: $3333 per month


6 months PIF: $18,000 (save $1999)


12 month PIF: $38,000 (save $1996)



“If you’re ready to level up and learn, A LOT, to be challenged (in the best way) and to grow both as an individual and business owner, this is IT. I could not have imagined a better program for the growth I was looking to have this year. We are only 3 months in and I already find myself thinking about what I’ll do when the program is over because I don’t want it to end – I find it SO helpful. If you’re thinking about it, jump in. It is 10000000% worth it.

Before I started working with Naomi, I was feeling really stuck and overwhelmed in my business. I felt like I was working so hard but struggling to see growth. While my client load was filling, it wasn't my ideal clients and I was bending over backwards to meet the needs of other people.
There is never a moment where I don't feel supported. I absolutely love my time with Naomi. I can tell that she genuinely cares about me, my work and my business. Her skills are invaluable and I always walk away with SO MUCH.” 

Whatever your dreams are, I want you to dream BIGGER. 

Because if I can do it – work with aligned clients, run my business in an intuitive way, call in consistent 5 figure months – then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Naomi. 

I’m a mother of two-under-two, wife and multiple six-figure business owner. 

I used to believe that earning more meant sacrifice and compromising my values.

Now I know that making more money than ever can feel light and expansive. 

It’s my calling to empower you to become the woman who gets to have it all – with ease.

Your desires are there for a reason. 

It’s time to intentionally align your thoughts and actions with them. 

No more mental drama. 

No more disempowering thoughts. 

When it comes to pursuing your goals, you are no longer available for self-sabotage. 

There’s no denying the power of investing. Some of our clients...

  • Got their investment back within the first 90 days 
  • Went from two people in past group programs to selling out all 10 seats.
  • Increased their income from $10K to $24K cash months in the first three months of our working together
  • Got their investment back before the program even started (that’s the power of taking aligned action!)
  • Doubled their Q1 income from the previous year

and much, much more!

Speaking of taking aligned action… need more clarity before you fully commit?


“This gave me everything I needed to completely re-write my business story. When I say that my business looks 100% different after a year,  I mean it. I completely shifted my offerings and built a scalable business for the first time. 

Naomi is an absolutely incredible coach and mentor. She is so full of love and encouragement while knowing when to challenge you and help you step into the next level.

Naomi supported me with the mindset shifts and "mental drama" around making big changes that I knew deep down were right for me. She supported me with the planning, strategy, and execution necessary to make the changes actually happen. I'm beginning this next year of business with a feeling of limitlessness that I've never experienced before.”