The Money Matrix



You created this business because you desire to impact others while also unlocking freedom, ease and wealth for yourself, too. Creating true financial overflow and wealth in time and choices requires uplevelling your mastery around the numbers in a way that allows you to make empowered, executive decisions that drive profits without ever needing to look outside of yourself for the answers.

This program walks you through cash flow forecasting, sales planning and the masculine structures you need to not only stabilize your income but scale your profits to buy assets that build wealth and create financial independence.

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Terms of Use: If you purchase the Inner Circle 6 month membership, and decide to leave early, you will be responsible for paying the difference of the full price of each program. If payments are late, you will be removed from any current program until payments are in good standing. You are responsible for payments whether you have made time to access the material or not. Access is granted for the six month duration. Your membership will need to be renewed for further access to any programs past your six month term.

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