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Mindset 101: Tips for Overcoming Common Mindset Challenges in Pricing

If you ever feel your mindset gets in the way of your pricing and even profit in business, this is for you.

This transformative audio guide is your key to overcoming the mindset blocks that have been sabotaging your pricing strategy. Unlock the mental freedom to price and deliver your offers in a way that honours your worth and expertise.

In this invaluable addition to your business and profit toolkit, it’s time to overcome:

Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Self-Doubt in Pricing

• Fear of Rejection: Navigating Client Objections

• Undervaluing Expertise: Recognizing Your Worth

• Fear of Judgement: Pricing Without Apology

• Perfectionism: Breaking the Cycle of Delay

• Money Mindset: Shifting Towards Abundance

• Guilt or Shame: Charging Without Regret

• Discounting Themselves: Setting Boundaries in Pricing

• Fear of Failure: Risk and Reward in Pricing

• Over-Delivering: Finding the Balance

• Fear of Losing Clients: Managing Price Increases

• Negative Self-Talk: Building Pricing Confidence

• Fear of Pushback: Handling Difficult Conversations


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The Profitable Pricing Method

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