Offer Incubator:

Your Pathway to Income, Impact, and a Life First Offer Suite

Create and sustain bigger months while clawing more of you time and energy back


Coaches and Service Providers: It’s time to step away from trying to fit yourself into someone else’s business model.

No more overextending yourself or feeling like you have to create offers like “theirs” in order to grow.

You deserve a business model that scales your income AND wholeheartedly supports you; and an intentional offer suite is what provides that.

You get to serve your people well, expand your reach and income, and do so in a way that plays to your strengths, honors your capacity and allows you to claw more of your time back.

And that is what this program is for.

Inside Offer Incubator, you will craft a clear and intentional customer journey that not only ensures income stability, but also allows you to hit and sustain bigger cash months with ease.

This is your pathway to offers that allow you to do your best work and fund the life you want to lead.

It’s time to build a more profitable, life-first offer suite now


In the Offer Incubator program, you will:

  • Break the chains of client dependency by diversifying your money streams so sales are constantly following from different sources
  • Craft offers that allow you to stabilize your income by building long-term recurring income
  • Learn how to design irresistible offers that allow you to stack new sales on top of a healthy baseline of payment plans
  • Create deliverables that work for ALL seasons of your life
  • Understand the power of different offer types that will work for your unique business and life, and how they can seamlessly be integrated into your business model
  • Leverage the types of offers too many business owners are missing that convert a larger share of your audience, ensuring you're not leaving money on the table

Imagine a world where your business thrives, not just with one high-ticket, hands-on service; but through a series of offers intentionally curated to grow your income by serving a wider pool of people in different ways.

A world where you’re not constantly on edge, wondering where the next client will come from or feeling maxed out from one-on-one coaching or done-for-you services.

You’ve glimpsed the potential of this industry and all of the opportunities it offers. But perhaps, right now, you’re feeling trapped.

Trapped by the limitations of a single offer, of inconsistent sales or the inability to focus on sales and marketing because your time is absorbed by client delivery.

You’re done with feeling pressure around your launches because so much of your income is riding on it; or feeling unsafe because your revenue is contingent on whether a handful of clients resign.

You know that what will take your business to the next level isn’t just about raising your prices or opening up more spots.

You also know that true scalability isn’t just about creating more offers; it’s about creating the RIGHT offers.

Offers that not only serve your clients but also serve YOU.

If any of that rings true for you, please know that you’re not alone.

I’ve stood exactly where you are right now.

I’ve felt the weight of those fears and the overwhelm that comes from being maxed out.

Experiencing those things is exactly what challenged me to reimagine how I was growing my business and create this framework to allow others to transcend through this bottleneck, too.

It’s what’s allowed me to go from maxed out with stagnant revenue growth to helping more people, converting more sales from the content I’m already creating and ultimately building a 7-figure company that grows and evolves around my life and needs in each season.

Offer Incubator is where I show you how.

⚡️ To guide you in crafting offers that leverage your expertise, what comes naturally to you and what you want to be known for so your offers are light and sustainable to deliver and aligned long-term.

⚡️ To empower you with strategies to get off the feast or famine rollercoaster so you can feel safe and financially supported knowing that you have consistent, reliable cash flow coming in for the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

⚡️ To challenge you to innovate with your offer design and step beyond what you see everyone else doing so that each deliverable works for YOU, as well as serving your customers well.

⚡️ And most importantly, to support you in building a business that enriches your life rather than extracting from it.

So, if you're ready to scale in a leveraged way, harness the potential of this industry, and to create a business that supports, grows, and evolves with you, then Offer Incubator is your next step.

By the end of Offer Incubator, you'll:

🚫 No longer feel codependent on your existing clients to sustain or grow your income

🚫 Bid farewell to feel maxed out or exhausted working exclusively with high-touch, high-ticket clients.

🚫 Eliminate stress about inconsistent income or how to grow beyond here

✅ Embrace a diversified income model to drive new sales and build monthly recurring revenue

✅ Revel in the ability to generate more sales from your existing audience with offers that meet them where they are that they can jump into immediately

✅ Relish the freedom and adaptability of “life-first” offers that evolve with you.

Here’s What We’ll Dive Into:

  • Offer Audit: Conduct a deep dive into your current offers to assess what’s working and what needs adjustment to align with your desired business model and how you want to scale.
  • Craft a Clear Customer Journey: Develop a strategic and intentional customer journey that ensures income stability and supports your business growth.
  • Diversify Income Streams: Learn how to convert more of your audience into paying customers by creating offers that meet their needs at different stages of their journey so you are not relying on a single income stream or customer profile.
  • Stabilize Income: Create offers designed for long-term recurring income, providing financial stability for your business.
  • Income Stacking: How to design your service suite in a way that allows you to consistently make new sales that stack on top of a solid baseline of payment plans to hit bigger cash months and sustain them with ease. 
  • Intentional Deliverable Design: Learn to create deliverables and an offer promise that allows you to wow your customers in harmony with your capacity.
  • Maximize Conversion: Leverage often-overlooked offer types to convert a larger share of your audience, to optimize the ROI on what you’re already doing.
  • Profit Optimization: Learn how to create a customer journey that encourages clients to purchase multiple offerings from you without the need for sales calls, cold outreach, or overcoming objections so you’re going deeper and making more from the customers you do have.
  • Recurring Income Strategies: Learn pricing strategies for different offer tiers and how to create upsells, downsells, continuations, cross-sells, and bundles to guarantee recurring income.

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