You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, ready to go from overwhelmed in your business and uncertain of your path, to aligned in your strategies and clear on your future.


All within a supportive, no-fluff container designed to grow your business to six figures – without sacrificing your boundaries or lifestyle.


Less theorizing. More intentional action.  Total expansive growth. 


“I LOVE working until 1 am; checking my emails at the dinner table and putting out client fires as I brush my teeth is part of the DREAM!”

… said no one ever. 

(Honestly, will Voxer notifications ever stop interrupting the quality family time you NEED to be a whole person?! If you’d wanted less time with your children, you’d have stayed in corporate.)

What no one also said is how hard it is to BUILD a business – when it comes to the actual coaching you’re a natural. But all of the other stuff – marketing, the sales, the discovery calls… It feels totally overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It just feels so heavy – showing up on Instagram Stories all the time with nothing to show for it, spending hours figuring out launch strategies, only to be overwhelmed halfway through (hitting your launch target feels like a far off dream), flat-out floundering when it comes to sales calls…

You can’t even celebrate once you DO sign a new client… because your mind immediately starts cycling through thoughts that keep you paralyzed in inaction: 

“I don’t know enough to be charging this much.”

“What if I can’t deliver?” 

“Are they going to question everything I say?” 

“They’re going to realize I have no idea what I’m doing.” 

“What AM I doing?! Oh God, maybe I should just offer them their money back now.”

“They’re totally going to see that I’m not worth it.”

You’ve searched high and low for advice – from freebies to webinars, from podcasts to “follow my cut-and-paste formula” programs and courses, it feels like you’ve done it all. “It all” feels confusing

Nothing feels in alignment with the way YOU want to run your business. Nothing feels like it offers the kind of support YOU need. Nothing allows you to grow in a way that feels sustainable… like actually being able to take time off when YOU need it, without worrying about covering your monthly expenses. 

Whether that time off is for moving to a place that fills your nature-loving soul, dealing with first trimester exhaustion, or just being able to catch an episode (or two) of “Real Housewives,” you honestly have to wonder, are these CEO's who "have it all, but only work X amount of hours" straight-up lying to you?

 What if it doesn’t have to be this way? 

What if your business can be any way you want?!

Instead of being difficult and demanding, growing a business feels EASY (not to mention a whole lot of fun!)

Instead of the assumption that “well, this person does this, so I have to do this,”  Do whatever feels most in alignment with your business - and leave the rest. Don't want to join Clubhouse? Don't do it. Change your mind? Get yourself an invite.

Instead of clinging to the idea that your email list size and follower numbers dictate the amount in your bank account, feel secure in the knowledge that measuring by vanity metrics will never be enough – what matters is your conversion. With the right mindset and strategy, you’ll have quite the conversion. 

We are the Beyoncés of our business. 

We owe it to our clients to give them our best, which means we have to show up fully empowered for ourselves first. 

When Beyoncé sets a rehearsal time of 8 AM, she doesn’t apologize to her backup dancers for the early time. She knows that to create an unforgettable experience, she needs to rehearse at 8 AM. 

When we set up our business in alignment with our needs, things feel light, easy, and joyful. When we don’t, resentment turns them heavy. It’s as simple as that. Scaling your business to maximum impact levels doesn't require you to sacrifice your boundaries, values, or life vision!


“Whenever I doubt myself, have a hard day or something to celebrate, I know I have a community I can share that with. I always leave our conversations flooded with ideas. It’s so helpful to feel I’m not in this alone. For me, being able to tap into the wisdom, guidance and feedback from both the group and Naomi in a moment’s notice via Slack is tremendously valuable.”

Rachel Whittaker, Visibility Coach


A six week course designed to help you build your heart-centered business to six figures in a way that supports your life (not the other way around!)


  • Making decisions that are in alignment with your values, and actually following through to get the results you want.
  • You’ll step into your unwavering self – and by doing so, follow through on your desires and lead yourself through fear, all the way to the finish line of what you THOUGHT you could accomplish…before realizing you’re able to accomplish much, much more.

  • Each week, you’ll receive access to a new foundational module to implement within your business. 

In Grow With Intention, we plan for the long-term. We aim for MORE: more money than ever, with more ease than ever. More time working with dream clients. More work you love doing. More showing up as simply yourself. More time with family.  More tangible impact in your client’s lives and your community.  



Here are the foundational blocks to get you in the place for quantum growth:


(Ideal Client Avatar, Niching Down)

Instead of catering to everybody, you’ll become the GO-TO person for one ideal client avatar:

  • Discover your profitable niche by uncovering how your passions and natural talents connect with your ideal client’s transformation
  • Avoid burnout by casting a deep net in your niche, as opposed to a wide one
  • How to position yourself as the obvious choice in your niche – without giving into imposter syndrome
  • Create content that magnetizes your ideal client so that by the time you're on a discovery call, they're already saying, "How do I pay?"


(Aligned Offer, Limitless Business Model, Building Your Product Suite and Ascension Plan)

In this three-part module, you’ll discover how to hit your revenue goals in the easiest, most aligned way, while also establishing yourself as an authority: 

  • How to convey the value of your offer to your audience so they understand exactly why they need to buy
  • The different types of offers, and how to know which ones are best for your business
  • How to create a profitable ascension model, so clients want to resign with you again and again
  • The required mindset shift you must make in order to confidently sell in a way that creates desire and demand 
  • How to structure your offer so it taps into your areas of expertise – while overdelivering on the results
  • How to diversify your income streams in a way that meets the varying needs of your target audience 
  • The requirements for an onboarding process that keeps client retention rates high


(Content Strategy, Visibility Strategy)

When it comes to growing a profitable online business, getting your business to stand out as the obvious choice is crucial: 

  • How to attract and nurture clients across various platforms so they’re already excited to work with you – even before they book a discovery call
  • Transition out of the feast-or-famine cycle by continually re-using high performing content
  • How to create revenue-generating content strategies, without the requirement to post multiple times a day (or even week)
  • The must-have types of content to create to attract ready-to-buy clients
  • Why press coverage in print and digital platforms is crucial for hitting revenue goals – and how to secure it
  • The sneaky mindset trap holding you back from showing up consistently


(Launch Strategy, Soulful Sales)

When it comes to conversion, the simplest way is often the most efficient. Like many of Naomi’s students, after working through this module, you might find yourself working LESS hours while seeing a greater return:

  • How to launch in a way that feels aligned, stress-free and enjoyable!
  • Avoid burnout by learning how to customize your own tailored, unique and intuitive launch calendar
  • The most common money mindsets most entrepreneurs make during a launch – and how to avoid them to hit your launch goals
  • How to empower clients to make the decision to work with you – even if they have objections
  • Why massively increasing conversions doesn’t have to come at the cost of resorting to pushy tactics
  • The biggest money mindset shifts to make if you want to find clients with no financial objections who are ready to pay you what your skills are worth


(Strategic Planning, Mindset Mastery, Knowing Your Numbers, Time Management)

As a CEO, you are your first best client. If you’re not intentionally working on your business, you’re not able to show up fully for any of your clients: 

  • Organize your schedule so you keep your priorities top of mind – without sacrificing the life your business is meant to support
  • When to know it’s time to delegate and outsource, and how to do so
  • How to plan your years, quarters and months
  • The three mindset shifts you MUST make to be more productive without being overwhelmed
  • How to coach yourself through doing new, scary things in your business
  • Why understanding the core metrics in your business will empower you to make big decisions


You can’t be everywhere at once, doing everything – if you want to scale, you have to automate your systems. Think of this as the lungs of your business. You need them to survive, but the actual breathing can go on autopilot:

  • The key systems you need in place so you can focus on the the real needle-moving tasks

  • How to know which systems to automate for your business, wherever your business is right now

  • What you need to consider before choosing the tech apps and/or software you’ll use to automate


Being able to work through a structured plan; tackling one area at a time and working through a pace that ensured I understood Naomi’s guidance was invaluable, and made me feel like I had a plan of action and that overcoming these challenges was totally within my grasp. 

Naomi is a strategy power-house who comes from a confident, experienced place but also has the empathy and understanding of a driven entrepreneur. This makes her the perfect coach for entrepreneurs looking for support and advice in their business.”

Claire Foster, founder of Sourced Vintage Studio

We’re all about the mindset in Grow With Intention, but here are some cold, hard facts: 

75% of women-led businesses earn less than $50K per year in revenue; the majority of which earn less than $30K. 

Only 12% hit six figures. 



As a mother to two under two, I’ve created a multiple six-figure business that feels light and spacious, and have led thousands of womxn to experience that the same is possible for them.  

When I decided that I get to be, do, and have it all – everything changed. 

In 2020, I helped my first client break the million dollar mark. Tens of others hit their first six figure year, becoming part of the 12% of female entrepreneurs to do so. 

I believe: Strategy and tactics combined with a growth-oriented mindset are some of the most powerful tools out there. 

My job: To help you collapse time by rewiring your thoughts and beliefs so you can step into that next version of yourself. 

I’m committed: To helping more womxn hit six and multiple six figures with EASE. We GET to step into financial overflow doing what we LOVE. 

Our businesses grow at the same rate we do. I’m not giving you a one-size-fits all approach, and I'm not here to help you hit a goal once. My role is to arm you with the tools to step into being the CEO of your business.

“Before I started working with Naomi, I was feeling really stuck and overwhelmed in my business. I felt like I was working so hard, but struggling to see growth. While my client load was filling, it wasn’t my ideal clients, and I was bending over backwards to meet the needs of other people. I also felt like I didn’t have the tools to be putting out more effective content in the most efficient ways. 

It felt like an ongoing series of throwing spaghetti at the wall with little to no reward/ROI. 

Working with Naomi has helped me overcome that in SO MANY WAYS! I’ve learned so much about organizing the backend of my business, creating simplicity for my clients and really stepping into a CEO mindset. Naomi supported me as I raised my rates and made some pretty substantial changes to my work. 

On a financial level, I doubled my Q1 income from the previous year with the support of the mentorship and guidance, and I feel more confident and capable than ever before in my business.”

- Rachel Whitaker, Visibility Coach

“Prior to working with Naomi, I’d been working for myself for a year and a half. I had a big vision, but not so much knowledge about what I needed to do day-to-day to begin moving closer to manifesting my vision. Working with Naomi helped me be accountable to someone else, and to have an ongoing list of action items I can implement on a daily basis to get my business moving. 

The strategies I’ve been able to implement have allowed my business to earn more and continue to generate revenue ongoing. Halfway through the year, I’ve already generated what I made last year.

Naomi is like Red Bull for your business. If you want to catapult your business into the next stratosphere and you’re willing to put in the work, she’s an amazing coach to work with. I’m continuously inspired and stretched beyond my comfort zone – and it’s exactly what I’ve been craving.”

 - Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

“Naomi has had the single biggest impact on my business since I started working with her six months ago

She guided me at a critical moment to step back, plan strategically and create systems and partnerships that support the long term sustainability of Big Lives as a prosperous lifestyle business. 

Every session with Naomi brings a level of insight and accountability that leaves me motivated and certain of strategic direction. Her marketing expertise informs invaluable best practices and her introductions have led to important collaborations. She is a true coach, empowering my success through questioning, challenging, and advising in a way that inspires growth. 

I'm forever grateful for the impact Naomi's had on my business, and highly recommend her to women looking to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

- Sam Alston, founder of Big Lives

Grow with Intention is a 6-week, self paced course, with two pricing plans: 



save $135







If the answer isn’t a “HELL, YES!” then it has no place in your business.


All right Naomi, but seriously: how do I know if Grow With Intention isn’t for me?

Fair question. This program isn’t for you if you’re a “boss babe”. 

I’m mostly kidding. But you’ll never see me use that kind of language, mostly because I believe the energy we put into our business (including our language) is what either helps us move forward or keeps us stuck. 

Boss babe doesn’t encompass the role or business I believe you’re trying to build.

Expanding on that – Grow With Intention isn’t the right fit for you if…

You’re not open to considering new ways of operation for your business. Many of our Grow With Intention members find they’re able to scale only after they change what wasn’t working for them before. 

You plan to have your business for a year or so. Every few years, your business will shift and evolve. That’s a good thing! But the membership is designed to help you see long-term – 5, 10+ years into the future. It’s totally okay if you can't yet see past the one year mark right now – what’s important is that you know you want to.

Embodying your highest CEO self isn’t something you’re willing to do. Showing up in this way isn’t always easy – in fact, it can induce stomach-lurching, earth-wobbling levels of discomfort. But that’s why this container and the support you need are here. Consider Grow With Intention more of a choose-your-own-adventure action plan instead of a copy-and-paste one. You’ll get the foundations you need to grow and scale your business – but it’s going to be tailored to YOUR business. 

You aren’t interested in self-improvement. As an entrepreneur, your life is your billboard. If you want to grow your business, you have to be willing to invest time into your personal growth. As mentioned above, we tackle mindset and strategy, but the mindset comes with a lot of inner work.