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Master the Art of Attraction Marketing:

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Coaches and service-based business owners, it’s time to take away the unpredictability of where and when your next client is coming from.

It’s time to shift from coaching people into investing, to creating content that does the heavy lifting for you, to attract people who are ready to take action now.

It’s time to stop being a “best kept secret” and harness content that makes it clear why you and your services are the obvious choice, so people feel empowered to buy without the need for long sales calls.

And it’s time that making sales via social media stops feeling elusive or something that’s up for chance, but rather one of the simplest and low lift parts of your business – and this is the program that teaches you how.

Harness my (Naomi’s) signature content strategy to scale your sales by doing less but better, with content that actually moves the dial.

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Content That Converts isn’t another program that simply tells you to be ‘consistent’ or gives you trendy hacks and strategies that will only work for right now.

It’s where you’ll learn fundamental frameworks to continually scale your income by knowing exactly how to communicate and position your services in ways that make people come and decide to buy, time and time again.

Frameworks that will serve you whether you’re working towards your first sale, trying to create more consistency, or wanting to amplify the momentum you’ve already built.

They will grow with you and allow your business to thrive no matter the economic terrain or how crowded your niche is.

Inside Content That Converts, you will learn:

  • How to attract ideal clients and position your offers in a way that activates them to buy

  • How to share in a way that has people reaching out to YOU, enquiring about how they can work with you and thank you for the work you do.

  • What your content ecosystem should look like so that people choose to buy from you without needing to hop on a sales call.

  • What it means to be the lighthouse for your audience so you become the obvious choice even in a crowded market place.

  • How to leverage your “too muchness”, your personal stories and unfair advantages to allow you to shine bright and be magnetic to those you're here to serve.

  •  Brand pillars that will empower you to know exactly what to say to not only grow your audience but also develop you as a thought leader in your niche so you remain top-of mind.

  • The types of content to grow, connect and sell and how to craft them (even if you’re not a writer).

  • What to have in place to get you in front of potential clients and what to then have set up in order to convert that visibility into paying customers

  • How to cultivate hype and excitement around your brand and your offers

  • Create a company that people want to resign with and buy service after service from

  • How to scale with intimacy so you can remain connected to your audience and drive sales while freeing up more time to work “on” the business.

Conversion content isn’t just about what you say; it’s about how you say it, and how you make people feel when you do.

It’s not about being consistent, to be consistent or sharing to share.

But rather mastering how to share in a way that moves your audience into action.

… I (Naomi) have been able to scale to 7 figure years and six figure months (while clawing back my time) by mastering this; and Content That Converts is where I help make this a reality for you, too.

Content That Converts is for you if:

  • You’re ready to stabilize your income, grow your business and get your work into the hands of more people… you just need support around what to do to make that possible.
  • You’re good at what you do and your offers get people results but you know that the missing ingredient is to uplevel your messaging in a way that attracts more people into those offers.
  • You’re tired of not knowing what to say to clearly communicate the value of your offers or having to over-explain or convince people in sales calls or back and forth in DM.
  • You’re fed up with feeling like you’re speaking into the void or being consistent with content that isn’t actually driving sales and want to master how to do less, but better so you can grow your business while clawing more of your time back.

Ready to harness your content to skyrocket your sales?

By the end of Offer Incubator, you'll:

🚫 No longer be just another voice in a crowded space

🚫 Move beyond content that merely exists but doesn’t actually move the needle.

🚫 Shed limiting beliefs holding you back from truly being seen and heard online

🚫 Say goodbye to the frustration of attracting less than ideal clients

And instead:

✨ Connect deeply with your audience, becoming their go-to expert and soulmate service provider

✨ Harness the power of attraction marketing to draw in clients who are ready to buy without the need for hard sells.

✨ Experience a surge in sales and consistent cash flow, as new people discover you and jump in; and existing customers resign, buy from you over and over again, and do your marketing for you.

✨ Claw more of your time back because the content you are creating is working hard for you.

Ready to stand out, shine bright, and become the obvious choice?

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What’s Inside:

✅ 7 comprehensive training modules

✅ Recordings from coaching calls for deeper integration

✅ Lifetime access to all of the material inside

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